The Sales Talk

When my daughter was little, I was questioned by her – “Daddy, where do babies come from?” I knew I was in trouble, but I answered the question with an obvious explanation she could relate to. Little did I realize that years and years after a similar question would come from her about sales when she asked me – I should tell you that my little girl has grown up and she sells wine and beverages in Texas. I answered her question using the selling procedure as my basis in ways she could relate to. Here are the vital points of our discussion.

Organized Follow-up Generates Sales

Honey, I said, “a sale comes from systematic follow-up on every sales opportunity that comes your way.” I wanted to be sure she understood the power of an entire sales system and how a methodical approach to selling is something which cannot be underestimated. We talked about as a business grows, it’s going to need a sales and marketing system that keeps track of and tracks all the sales opportunities the sales opportunities with prospects that might seem distant as time goes on.


It is and you must be tenacious about follow-up. I explained so you must adapt to their own tastes with a very flexible and versatile system of consistent communications and that customers will want one to communicate with them in different manners. Your customers will want you to reach them by email, letters, phone and some will need one to visit with them in person. The important idea is always to be unrelenting and orderly in you quest for sales.

Charity, I said, the ideal sales and marketing systems will permit you to track and monitor the customer response rates. Response speeds that are quantifying is significant because you can not manage what you can’t quantify. It’s also vital that your communications are personalized by you so you reach contacts on your own level. In the world of communications and technology of today’s, creating a relationship that is personal isn’t difficult. Sales automation will enable you to outsmart and outwit your competition.


Build and Maintain Relationships with Duplicate Sales

As my daughter and I discussed, I ‘d to stress that individuals buy from people they like and every business should build powerful relationships with all prospects and customers. As a salesperson, you will need to duplicate yourself and your attempts with avid clients who speak about your exceptional customer service. One of the greatest means to duplicate business will be to create an army of fans so clients refer friends and associates within your client base that generate referrals. One of the crucial points about referrals is that you need to ask for them and build a culture in your company that clients want to advocate you.

Follow the Selling Process

We talked about the selling process and how significant it truly is to follow a methodical and consistent approach to sales. If my daughter sharpens her private sales skills and can understand this principle she’ll really comprehend where sales come from. We mapped out the selling process so she could see where and how sales are developed and how selling is a continuous strategy procedure that mapped out and can be duplicated.

Sales come from a consistent and methodical way of communicating with the right contacts, using important personal messages so when they have been prepared to buy contacts are affected and inspired to conduct business with you.